Company Profile

With more than 30 years of tradition and experience, ABC Technik AG is one of the leading companies in this part of Europe that manufactures car washes and its product spectrum includes: Design and production of the new car wash including systems for payment via coins, tokens and magnetic cards, control commands, devices for producing softened and O water and metal construction.

Modernization, reconstruction and maintenance of: the existing and dilapidated self-service car washes as well as the availability of payment systems, installation of softened water and osmosis, and the renovation of existing metal structures. Additional services: The selling of cleaning and waxing supplies as well as the selling of spare parts for self-service car washes.

In addition to our focus on sales and service of devices for washing and cleaning of the car, our main activity today is the design, production and sale of self-service car washes. Using our wealth of experience, knowledge and technology that we have acquired over the past 30 years, we founded our own self-service car wash: Ino Wash.

We produce car washes of various sizes and layouts with one or more boxes, complete structure, your choice of colors, logos and various details in the design. We provide the installation of car washes per turnkey system and also provide a 2-year guarantee.